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Let Backforty Bunkhouse Roundup
Promote Your Music / Cowboy Poetry.
Marketing your music in the Western Music Radio Market is to say the least, a difficult task. If you have ever sent your material to radio stations, all you can do is just hope that someone there will actually open your package. Backforty Bunkhouse Promotions takes you beyond these expections when it comes to your music. I do not send any music in the dark, as I personally know the disc jockeys and the primary contact person for each major western publication that I send your material to. You can be assured, your music will get to the right person. Your music is very important to you, and my goal is to get your material out to the radio stations that will play it. So if your material is Western Swing, Western / Cowboy music, Texas Honkytonk or Cowboy Poetry, you'll surely want to talk to Backforty Bunkhouse Roundup.

The Backforty Roundup promotion package is for those who may or may not have a complete CD or may just want to promote a single song or two. It is a compilation CD which will contain your song along with other songs/poetry from several different artists. I will send your music to over 170 radio stations and major western publications in the US and Canada for radio play and possible review within each publication. Cowboy priced at $150 per song, you won't need to deplete your CD stock by mass mailouts of a complete CD. These CDs can then be sold to help recoup some of the initial investment. You can even conveniently pay for a compilation song by credit card through PayPal's secure credit card service.

The RoundUp is currently limited to around 12 songs/cowboy poems per CD. Join over a 200+ artists who have successfully promoted their music and drop me an email or give me a call for complete information. Listed below are the requirements for the Roundup package, also check out my references of those who have taken advantage of the Backfory Promotion package (bottom of this page).

Backforty Roundup Requirements
  • A CD with song/s
  • Song Title:
  • Artist/s:
  • Writer/s:
  • Producer:
  • CD Label:
  • Publisher:
  • Liscening Agency (BMI, Sesac, ASCAP):
  • Contact Info (Email address, Website):

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