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Listen To Previous Roundup Issues

The Backforty Roundup Compilation CD was first published in June, 2005. It is presently sent to over 165 radio stations and western music publications and is a promotional CD only. It is not for resale. On this page you can view the latest of the previous volumes and listen to songs that were included on the volume. Just click on the volume header of your choice.

To learn more about the Backforty Roundup Promotion and to find out how to have one of your songs included on future issues click HERE.

Volume 16
  • Johnny Johnson
  • Yvonne Hollenbeck
  • Jody Nix
  • Gary & Sue Ball
  • Dugg Collins
  • Jean Prescott
  • Howard Steele
  • Joe Johns
  • David E Young
  • Redd Stewart
Volume 17
  • Gary & Sue Ball
  • Carin Mari & Pony Express
  • Terry Bullard
  • Dennis Jay
  • Jody Nix
  • Laurie Wood
  • David E Young
  • Carr Family
  • Desperados
  • Dugg Collins
  • Bobby Flores
  • Billy Keeble