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Name: Myra Pearce
Posted: 05 Apr 05

Well it's about time the WORLD'S GREATEST DJ got himself the WORLD'S GREATEST WEBSITE for us C&W music pickers & grinners! Joe Baker, they broke the mold when they made you and I'm so proud of you and want to THANK YOU for getting my CD's out of the barn and on to the radio... you insisted and we hit the charts! Hurry back to Montana we'll keep the coffee hot, the beer cold and the guitars tuned up. Congrats on your success, you're the best! Bye from the Big Sky! Love, Myra Pearce "Montana's Singing Cowgirl" www.myrapearce.com

Joe's Reply: Thank you so much for your kind words, Myra. You certainly have the talent to make it easy to market and promote. I'm as equally proud of you and your music. What ever your doing, don't slow down.
Joe !

Name: Richard Olsen
Posted: 07 Mar 05

Hey my buddy. You've got a great website here. It fits, if ya know what I mean and I know ya do! Keep on keepin' on Joe with what ya do and thanks for all you do for the heart of the music industry. I'm proud to call ya my friend amigo. Ridin' on out,
Richard Olsen
Swinging West Music and Publishing

Joe's Reply: Thanks for your kind words, Richard. It's folks like you who make what I do easy. Your lifetime knowledge and experience in Cowboy Culture has given you much talent in the arena, stage, and family. Thanks for checkin' in on me Friend!

Name: Silver Creek Books & Music
Posted: 01 Mar 05

Hey Joe. I know you've heard this before but this is a great looking site. Long live OKOM! Keep up the great work and congratulations on the AWA nominations for DJ and Radio Station. Take care. Brian - Silver Creek Books & Music.

Joe's Reply: My hat's off to you Brian & Sherry for the super job you do for all the poets, authors and artists. Both of you make my job easier. Check 'em out folks at: www.silvercreekmusic.com. These folks are the best friends "WESTERN" ever had!!

Name: Lynn Logan & The Leading Edge Band
Posted: 23 Feb 05

Hey Joe, love your new website. Keep up the good work with OKOM and let me know if I can do anything here in Houston to help out. Thanks, Lynn Logan. Entertainment at it's Best!

Joe's Reply: You're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing down in Houston Lynn, "Keep Western Swing Alive!" From what I hear, you're doing great. Folks down in the Houston, Texas area love ya!

Name: Tommy Lucas   West Texas Country Artist
Posted: 20 Feb 05

Hi Joe, website looks great. keep up the good work. Love your show. Thanks for keeping artist's like us involved and still working if you know what I mean.

Joe's Reply: I work at it all the time, my dedication is my passion - Western Music

Name: Charlie Higgins
Posted: 18 Feb 05

Hi Joe, Great new website. Keep up the good work. Without DJs like you, cowboys like us and our music would not have any other place to go. Once again, thanks for supporting us and our western heritage.

Joe's Reply: No thanks needed, I love it as much as ya'll.

Name: Sharon Jae
Posted: 16 Feb 05

Hi Joe, Love the new site. Now that you have everyting organized on your site, maybe you can help me show the people what Sharon Jae's music is all about, am contacting you about your promotions.

Joe's Reply: Sharon, BBP will work for you in every way we can.